What We Do

First of all

Who We Are

Introducing PSP

We are honored to introduce PSP as a trading company that is willing to make communication with people all around the world. Providing equal rights for human to experience facility and acquire minimum life privileges. Innovation is the result of our empathy and teamwork. Hope to make this world a better place. If we live our job, achieving goals is no longer a dream for anyone.
Best of us

Oil, Gas, Petrochemical

PSP has a global network with local representatives that provide sound responses to the needs of its partners on both purchase and sale side.

Market analysis and open information exchange with its partners is the characteristic of PSP working style.

Logistic operations at the ports, inland transport and shipping, interim warehousing, i.e., stockholding, tailor made management of regulatory/taxation issues, financial services are some of the activities PSP offers to support its trading business.


One of the most significant interests of PSP is to procure and supply all types of industrial, structural and alloy plates and coils. We are capable to provide all kinds of alloy steel and also special plates. In the world of steel products, we can easily offer you products like:

Tubes and Pipes

Steel Pipes for using  in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries acc. to API 5L Standards (PSL1 & PSL2) in  different grades like:

Steel Sections

PSP in addition to providing consulting services is expanding its business scope to import and deliver different types of Steel Sections.


Due to the best relationship with the fitting manufacturers, we can supply all types of fittings with the Most appropriate delivery condition (including price and time) according to the below items:

Super Alloys

Even for Super Alloys you can count on us. Like: 

Know it Well


We only do what we know we can accomplish. Our experts tried to battle in field of electrical projects since 20 years ago. We worked on many different projects such as medical, food and beverage, machineries, car, steel, cement, mine, oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Besides, our group of expertise can also give you consultancy for all different electrical projects.

Since Paya Sanat Partak is mainly a trading company, using well-known brands from all around the world is not an issue for us.